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The contract cleaning business is fast-paced and challenging. To meet these demands, a janitorial quality program has to be simple, customized and fast – otherwise, it will not be used. Smart Inspect is built for speed. Let our quality experts help you improve your service delivery and relationships with your customers.

Use the Smart Inspect quality program to:

  • Inspect using only a phone or tablet
  • Measure and improve cleaning quality
  • Lower your janitorial cost
  • Improve health and reduce absenteeism
  • Create and share professional reports with customers and staff
  • Take janitorial, safety and maintenance photos and notes
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Make your cleaning program more manageable

Janitorial Quality and Cost Control

Control your cleaning costs and budget by implementing inspection software

Paperless Janitorial Quality Inspection

Smart Inspect audits are fast and easy; no paper or pen required

Define and Measure Janitorial Specifications

Measure your cleaning program against defined janitorial specifications

How to Use Cleaning Inspections to Motivate Your Employees

How to Use Cleaning Inspections to Motivate Your Employees   Employee motivation and morale play an important role in retaining your cleaning talent.   Additionally, a motived workforce will drive efficiency, cleaner buildings, and a better experience for building...

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The Four Essentials of a Cleaning Inspection Program

Cleaning management is an important role in every organization that often gets undervalued and overlooked. Programs often rise or fall based on the strength of the leadership team, their processes and technology.  One key aspect of custodial management is...

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inspection recording speeds

areas with no deficiencies

areas with one deficiency

areas with two deficiencies

areas with multiple deficiencies including attached picture

auto report generation upon completed inspection