Performance-Based Janitorial RFP’s

Janitorial contracts are notoriously difficult to manage. However, with the right quality program and performance standards, you can implement a performance-based contract. Smart Inspect’s metrics and KPI’s are custom-made for monitoring, reporting and enforcing janitorial accountability.

Smart Inspect is customized for performance-based cleaning contract management:

  • Set a minimum acceptable quality janitorial score
  • Monthly dashboard shows which buildings passed or failed
  • Calculate financial penalties or incentives, based on cleaning performance
  • Cleaning reports, dashboards and results are automatically generated and shared
  • Get ongoing performance-monitoring support from our team of experts
  • Include performance criteria language in your next RFP or contract

Reduce Janitorial Cost

Control your cleaning costs and budget by implementing inspection software

Performance-Based Janitorial RFP’s

Smart Inspect is customized for performance-based cleaning contract management

Benchmark Your Janitorial Services

Benchmark your janitorial quality levels against the best-of-the-best