Benchmark Your Janitorial Services

Your organization is competing with other top tier companies to attract customers and impress job recruits. The cleanliness of your facilities and properties can make or break the first impression. Benchmarking your cleaning program against industry standards will help you know where you stand – and learn how to stand out.

Benchmark your janitorial quality levels against the best-of-the-best:

  • Find out the overall cleanliness level of your facilities
  • Know which areas, buildings, tenants, and items attract customers and impress job recruits
  • Compare your quality scores with others in your market
  • Design your quality program to focus on first-impression areas
  • Share benchmarking data with your team and customers
  • Include maintenance and landscaping audits for a holistic approach

Reduce Janitorial Cost

Control your cleaning costs and budget by implementing inspection software

Performance-Based Janitorial RFP’s

Smart Inspect is customized for performance-based cleaning contract management

Benchmark Your Janitorial Services

Benchmark your janitorial quality levels against the best-of-the-best