Janitorial Quality Software For:



Let our quality experts help you improve your service delivery, accountability and customer relationships

Use the Smart Inspect quality program to:

  • Inspect using only a phone or tablet
  • Measure and improve cleaning quality
  • Win more bids and grow your business
  • Save time and money
  • Create and share professional reports with customers and staff
  • Take janitorial, grounds, safety and maintenance photos and notes
  • Develop cleaning quality dashboards and checklists
  • Improve customer retention rates

Retain Janitorial Customers

Improve your customer relationships and communication with Smart Inspect

Customizable Janitorial Quality Checklists & Reports

Create inspection templates and reports that are unique to your customers

Win More Bids

Impress potential clients with an automated quality app, built just for you

Are Your Cleaning Inspections Too Lenient, or Too Critical?

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How Much of your Buildings Should You Survey?

Common Cleaning Inspection Questions PART 1: How Much of your Buildings Should You Survey? Since launching Smart Inspect in 2002, one of the most common questions that our team receives is this: How much of my building(s) should I inspect? Is there a certain number of...

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Five Reasons to Switch to Paperless Inspections

The age of technology can be both exciting and intimidating for those who spend their prime management years during its progression. The more traditional, old-school managers may hesitate to adopt new-age tech products or systems simply because they believe that what...

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inspection recording speeds

areas with no deficiencies

areas with one deficiency

areas with two deficiencies

areas with multiple deficiencies including attached picture

auto report generation upon completed inspection